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2 inch gauge locomotives

How popular are these?

I see a lot of 3 inch and 5 but not many 2 inch , is there a reason for this.

I just did a swap with a 2 loco which i am hoping to sell but am a bit worried that it wont be popular.

They were a hoot at the turn of the century 1900.

MrDuck wrote:
They were a hoot at the turn of the century 1900.

Mr Duck is on the raspberry wine again    
Busted Bricks

Not very popular these days. Hardly any tracks around to run them on. Not big enough to pull passengers. There might be some collectors of them though and IIRC there was a society for them but don't know if it still exists.

My club has a 2.5" gauge track, and back then it had dozens of these little guys running on it! Now theres mostly 7.5" gauge trains, but there still is the occasional mini-steamer.  


Hi Kenneth, as rightly stated, 2 1/2" gauge is not as popular as 3 1/2" and 5", but there is a thriving 2 1/2" gauge association: may have seen their stand at the Midlands Model Engineer Exhibition where some of us met you- it was on the left as you entered the building, just past where you parked your beer-sodden flight bag!

Also, 'LBSC' designed many locos to this gauge, and it's worth checking out Station Road Steam's archive:

...which has a lot of 2 1/2" gauge locos listed, also the Toby narrow gauge loco on the 2 1/2" gauge association's website.  I've got the build book for this loco, I'd love to build it one day!

Which loco have you got?



Here in nelson there are many 2 1/2" locos still going strong, i believe they where mainly for people who want to built a large garden railway but just big enough to tow a person
sir haydn

There are still a small band of 'model engineers' in the 2.5" gauge game, this really is very small though. You will find a bigger amount now in the 'garden railway' sector. Using scale rolling stock on landscaped lines rather than raised tracks. You may also notice 3.5" gauge getting a little more unpopular, you can pick up some real bargains.

At the chesterfield model engineers where i sometimes run they have the national 2.5" gauge meet, it is always quite well attended.

Thank you for the advice guys, I will post pictures of it. It is a part complete project but so exquisitely made . Even the shock absorbers on it work.

A video of it has been posted here

Unfortunastely it's not in the same universe as my wallet but a splendid piece and beautifully crafted
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