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A restoration too far?

Just got this one today- it could one day be a cracker. I think a Bing.

BUT no burner, paint in a mess, a lot of rust, bolts missing no wheels on tender, no front bogie, no front to the loco.

Ah well, twas only £70 but its a REAL challenge.
Does anyone have a pic of it as it should be?


good little loco there somewhere
dampfmaschinenjoe 1967

What gauge is it ? I have some small insulated  steel wheelsets on 3mm axles  who are matching a gauge 1 tender as spare parts and i am willing to part at a very reasonable price !

cheers Joe
dampfmaschinenjoe 1967

I think it is not looking too bad ! The Bing and Märklin locos of tha era are very sturdy little beasts ! I believe it is in restorable condition !

cheers Joe

Its O guage Joe, I think. One for a later day, but I agree it will be restored by hook or crook.  Or probably both  

No pictures to help you but there is a beauty there waiting to show itself off.

That's a great, long term project Tom ... plenty to get your teeth into.  Just the way I like 'em.

dampfmaschinenjoe 1967

One day I will see that little gem run ! I know you will get it so far! under all that rust and dirt you can see the potencial this engine has !
Quoting from the outward appearance and the lubricator I would say its a BING engine made for Basset Lowke as it has a very british outline ! The old BING engines had a torpedo shaped smokebox door !

The torpedo shaped smokebox door is an element of style of that era !
Here´s an example of a peroid clocker I once owned:

cheers Joe

Ah where there's a will there's a way! If not a restoration then surely a modiforcation? We have faith  

PCLR wrote:
good little loco there somewhere

Shame it's out of camera shot though!

That one looks like it needs a lot of TLC! I'm sure you'll make a runner out of her!

I think 70 euros for a Bing loco is a really good deal! the loco looks all complete, but as you said the wheels on the tender are missing, but to find a Bing loco with a matching tender is amazing on it's own  

Tom, I have restored a number of "boat anchors" in the past and that one would be a challenge...but not impossible.  Hope you can find the needed tender wheels or retrofit something else.  

I will be watching to see what you can do with her!!


tis basset lowke

it is near identical to a BASSETT LOWKE/ BING LIVE STEAM BLACK PRINCE LOCOMOTIVE here on ebay


than you for that Tobias- i have asked Angus (derbydaleantiques)  if he can do a few pics and measurements for me. What a star.

Hi this engine is a "Bing Great Western 4-4-0" in 0 gauge.  For £70 you're quids in!. You have a challenge ahead...I like buying the knackered ones as well, I have much patience and a good work/fabrication shop!


That is really brilliant- that is the correct one, as the number is the same as mine on the cab.

Angus has very kindly sent me a lot of close ups of his black 5 , some differences, especially the wheels on the bogey. On the BL-Bing the wheels are solid- unfortuneately they are spoked here- a more tricky thing unless you have a dividing plate which I dont  

a perfect little loco! I'm sure you'll make it great! but what happened to the reverser?

i may have a spare basset lowke bogie i will go and have a look

A challengefor sure....

But a nice lookinmg little locoto me...

Here are some quick snap shots of a similar engine. You can see the Bing trademark at the front. If you need more and or better ones let me know. Your engine is very restorable and likely to be well worth doing, mine is an excellent runner.

Murray Wilson


'I'm a rambling wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer.'  I had to throw in the GT fight song.

Beneath all that grim and rust beats the heart of an engine roaring to go.
dampfmaschinenjoe 1967

You are soooooo right , Linda !

cheers Joe
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