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List of all shops steam related

Just so we can collate a full list of shops and put them in 1 post, please add websites of online shops who you deal with.

This can be for parts, accessories, or complete engines.

Also, would be great if you could add a brief description the site (ie, Wilesco engines, Jensen, Locos etc etc)

After this list has grown over the next week,  I'll put them all into one post, so it's handy for all to easily read.


Mamod, Wilesco, Jenson, etc.

Live steam spare, pressure gauges

heres most model steam ones from my collection:

the moderators can delete the ones which they think arent model steam. enjoy
tmuir  Roundhouse for fancy live steam locos or for a good inline lubricator to upgrade Mamod locos

US based- Spares for Weeden steam and others

These folks have smokestacks / caps and almost every part for WEEDEN  . Also many decals etc

As it says on the tin.

CJW Steam for loads of add ons and modifications to improve the look of your Toy Steam Engine.

For screws and fasteners I always use this online shop:

Pay via paypal, very small minimum order (£3 I think), and they have every screw, nut, bolt and washer you can think of, and then some. If I order in the morning it usually arrives next day, and they're very flexible - I made a mistake a while ago (ordered the wrong size allen key), and they let me change the order even though it was already packed up - on a Sunday!

For Australians who are after parts for making boats, I stumbled across this shop the other day. The only place in Oz that I could find a traditional type steam launch prop

Great mamod and wilesco engine mods

For Mamod, Bowman, SEL and other spares.
Swift Fox

Great selection of pop pop boats from different makers

I believe they are the official UK importer for Wilesco, i have bought from them in the past, the also sell the older Mamod loco's too.

Australian made steam engines

For the best new Wilesco prices on the planet:
Swift Fox

A few more to add to the list:

Stuart Models

British company based in Guernsey that makes a wide range of different models and boilers in ready to run and kit form. One of the oldest manufacturers of steam engines.

Cotswold Heritage Ltd

Another British company that makes steam engines using CNC technology and offer engines in kit form or ready to run form.

Kontax Engineering Ltd

High quality British made Stirling engines in both kit and ready to run form, made using CNC equipment.

Always Hobbies UK based
dampfmaschinenjoe 1967

I throw four †german Modelmakers in the ring :

Wellknown german brand for NARROW GAUGE locomotives †and marine engines
Herrmann Echtdampf : Fine NARROW GAUGE locomotives;  one in 7/8th gauge
Finescale gauge 1 live steam
Dean W


In the States, here are a few good ones;

For many kinds of scale miniature fasteners, (nuts, bolts, screws, etc.), plus a good selection of model steam
and garden scale locomotive supplies,
American Model Engineering Supply

Then, there's PM Research, supplier of many small steam engines and accessories.

A man who supported the model engineering society for many years, and has now passed on, Jerry Howell has a lot
of plans and parts for a number of interesting models.  If you need a graphite piston for that worn out stirling engine
sitting on your shelf, he has it.  His family still runs his business, and they're good to deal with.

If you need a fancy flywheel for a project, this is probably your place;  Martin Model & Pattern.
They have a lot of different flywheel designs available, and will do custom casting, too.

Good range of basic steam fittings, including some that seem to be harder to find like ready-turned boiler bushes.

Surprised this wasn't here already. Never bought anything from him yet but did a quick forum search and he seems respected

Tennents Trains, Hayley Green, Halesowen, West Midlands, England, B63 1DY;-

Model train shop, but sells all sorts of all gauges/propulsions

New and used Mamod steam engines, fuel and spares, sometimes Wilesco (some spares available).

Secondhand stock varies, but has included Bassett Lowke and gauge 1 steam loco's and Hornby 3.5" gauge Rockets.

Metal, materials and cast fittings also available.

Oh, and Mamod of course


Help on empire model 43 steam engine

Can you give me some places to find arts for an empire model #43
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