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Ransome 21570

Meccano cranes

For Christmas I got a brand new limited edition replica set of Meccano, basically a set made by Meccano today but in the old style of Meccano. I built this crane, using the instructions, and then fitted a motor and set of gears on to it, to wind the string up and down. I then mounted this one and a new Meccano crane of mine, onto my wooden workshop.

Ralph Laughton

Its a fun set that. I made a foundry crane from that set last year.

It is a strange set with modern parts and funny paint scheme. The paint was applied very heavily on some of the parts in the sets we have, how was yours?

Ransome 21570

Mine was excellent, I didn't notice that the paint had been applied heavily so maybe they have improved on that.
Great model there!

I have got that set but as yet to see the light of day ,still in its shrink wrap. just not enough time

Nice cranes.  

Boy, that thing is practically BEGGING to be attached to a Meccano steam engine.

Nice job with the cranes!

I have the same set in which i hope to incorporate a mamod to drive the crane i havent finished building the crane yet though  Help
nissan boy

dose this count? as there is some new normal and a mamod

Ralph Laughton

Brilliant! Does that make it a MECCAMOD?

nissan boy

yes it would be that but you could also say a hybrid meccamod if that is a good name?

A couple of cranes to add

From 1960's meccano set Number 8 I think. Still patiently waiting to add steam

This one built from looking at pics of construction cranes

Never got to add steam to that one. It was too big too keep around the house so got dismantled it

The green and red Meccano is by far my favourite era.
Love those cranes

  They must have taken you an age to build. Two very nice cranes.

Some lovely creations pictured here  
Ralph Laughton

Those are really nice looking models. I like the green/red but we seem to have more zinc than anything else. Another combination we like is silver and red. Here is a Derrick crane we built last year, based on the SML 36 model. The jib is 6ft long.

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