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Collections and pics
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Six minis on a board.
Märklin 4183 Speisepumpe.
Bow'd to a bowman from Boxman
1929 Meccano steam engine
Another big whistle joins my collection................
Stumpy w/shop
Thats better.
Head 'No' Heart 'Yes'. Heart Wins.
Been polishing!
'In Need Of A Clean' Machine!
It's gotta be the oldest Doll Watermill?
Lolly stick barge finished (poor pics)
New Cabinets
A couple of Doll Sawmills
Flat Square Box? What Came Today?
Got a surprise from our demon, Geoff, today.
Wilesco D365 ESSO-roller as kit
Large, (ish) Steam plant l bought a month back, pic heavy
Whistles from the the Parts Shelf
Nuts, Bolts ,Paint and Polish.
Another lolly stick build (ongoing)
Ghost train.
Selection of international toy steam.
Doll Watermill With Log Saw-Now Visible AGAIN
Kenneth Wells / Slough Grammar School wagon
my bowman m122, now with BELL whistle.
Mamod corner
Gassed up! no I haven't had beans!! that other GAS!!
Vertical boiler donkey engine made from Mamod parts.
TE1 a Shorty
Can an engine ooze quality? This Trevors Toy Box TTB-02 Does
Trio of Germans.
Allchin,Burrell & Fowler
Another Mamod SE3, interesting base plate!
Märklins 4131/55 and 4135/½, a comparison.
2 germans. BING 10/13/2 & 130/256
SC 2 ,SC 3 and workshop
Plank Tools
My Wilesco Burrell!
Identification, Please
Karsten Gintschel Ferris Wheel
found a D141/66
Finishing Touch For Wormar Elite
Stumpy's Sawing Shed
Is my new Windmill a Centenarian?
Unfired ME1
Flat Base SE2
Flat Base SE1
A collection of C.K. Verticals
Ready to Do Some Sawing!
Maxitrak Fowler Gas Conversion
Other Items from Coolspring Engine Show
My 1st Flat Base Mamod c1948 SE2 Brass flywheel
Three cast iron rusticles.
Bing turn table and Becker hammer works.
Careast Verticals
Norway's Ole Bull: his Family's Märklin 4112/2
The myth, the legend, the Mamod SP4D.
Marklin 4112/14
thanks Paul C! A nice Bowman M122.
Larger of the Wilsons
The holy grail - Wilesco D101el
Hobbies Steam Boat Peggy home
Hobbies SE3
Compact EKT workshop.
Bit by the steam bug!
Hobbies Steam boat 'Peggy'
Hobbies SE2
Thinking of Plotting an Old Saw Mill .
Introducing my 1949-50 Mamod minor 1.
Interesting Scratch Built Engine.
Lolly stick crane finished
found a very old D8
A set of Doll 325 Vertical Engines
Small Carette 677 ... With Scarce Reverse Lever.
Karsten Gintschel Tornado Turbine Power Plant
Portersville, PA Machinery Show
Circa 1912 Bing Verticals on parade
CMS horizontal boiler
Wilesco pair
Wilesco D161el
Bing 9956/78 Hackmaschine.
New to me MM1
Burrell Agricultural Traction Engine
Wagons Roll!
BING no. 10/145/1 & 2 out of Ali Baba's Cave
Soon to arrive Steam plant
The Steam Works
Show us your favorite and/or most regularly steamed engine
Well thats me spent up, nut and bolt roller
Flame Licker Collection
Some of my Mamod collection :)
SEL 1550 on its way..get in
My oldest Mamod 1950/53 SE1
Marklin cannon
Jensen 25 - video added
Thanks Dampfmmashine (Walter) or should that be funguy ;)
Bank Elm horizontal engine
Accucraft Rubyyyyyy
Accessory ID please
My SE2a engine
Fatal Attraction.
New to me MEC1
An evening steaming some of my Mamod Minors
First appearance for little Schoenner ...
Another position filled for operator
Post war SE1
My first TE1
Is this made by Bub?
Meccano or not.
Mamod flat base lineshaft.
This came today, my 1st DOLL. No.348/2
N&B Roller Progress.
Early Weeden #14
Hired a steam tractor Operator
Puffin/Bassett-Lowke Book
l need help, yet another MM1 enters the collection
My start in only took me 52 years !
Lorry Load
Doll Bergbahn Nu 697
An SE1 mystery.
Bing 10/282, dredger.
new showcase for my Wilescos
What Have I Done?
Complete Empire Engine Collection?
Wilesco D455
Philcraft Beam Engine
Another Minor on its way
Maxwell Hemmens Horizontal Mill Engine Steam Plant
Doll compressed air engine
Anybody Identify This Twin Or a One Off And Decade Built ?
Doll turbine
Yay! Finally Scored a N&B Roller.
Paya 'O' gauge wagon.
Wilesco D141/66 showcase model
A collection of CK steam engines and boats
The Village Smithy.
1 year on - Wilesco D405
A hierarchy of saws.
another brass punch
Pump well arrived today.
Marklin Lokomobile 4152 with a collection on parade
D. R. Mercer stationary engine arrives
Regner 'Friedrich' Easyline Tractor arrives
Fresh from Jin, another quality product .
Sundays Steam
SEL 1550 Major
Wilesco D28 comparison
Another Legendary Marklin
Hello Little Engine...
this engine BOOMERANGED back to me!
Just completed another large solenoid engine
Te1 Rollers.
Peterborough show
Wedge oscillating engines
My new all metal display cabinet
A Sterling moment
A table top of Tabletop Engines
Drill comparison Marklin and EKT.
Steam boilers.....again
The final piece in my CK fleet ... until the next one
Carette Antriebsmodell??
Just bought a flat base MM2 for £25 BIN
A treat off Lesley, an enhanced Mamod TWk1
New arrival
Bought My Burnac a Friend.
My full collection
2017 year if accessories: March-deliver -Demon industries
A site for my collection
Doll sausage maker.
Interesting Aquisition.
Show us your smallest engine
one-of-a-kind Wilesco D8
Did you know that Wilesco...
Weeden #60 & Early Version #10
Wilesco D32 race - who will be first?
Wilesco Green Roller Rare ?
New look for Blighter
Old Bing line shaft.
Mamod workshop
My renown collection
Weeden #60
The final piece in my CK collection
Mirko's roller
2017 year of accessories: Slinky maschine
A Special Transmission
Märklin 4161/11
found a Wilesco D6 "BMW"
Spring Slurge.
hello Everyone from NYC
2017 year if accessories: Transmission with multiple ratios.
My new toy...Bassett-Lowke
Some new arrivals
2017 year if accessories: Mini-condenser
Mobiles/boats/planes with bears as drivers
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