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Wilesco T90 Steam Turbine
Wilsco D21 & Workshops
A steam up of a my TTB V1 #4 Vertical Steam Engine
Blackadder and Melchett Go For A Run
Wilesco's D36 Demo Model
Airy Germans.
Gears in Motion
"Chicken Feed" Burner
Bowman Power :-)
A short video of my Condensator for D20
Steamboat Bill's masterpiece
Cruise Ship Special
M. and M. Robinson ...
Running the Bowman
blow of my latest whistle from Ebay- 1.5"dia x 8"
A tracked steam logging engine for Lenn
The Doll zoo
Böhm & Daum HB0 - AL2 Stirling Engine
Wilesco D21
More Fun on Pine Tree Junction with the Terrible Twins!
Bing 10/120/3 This is like Weeden 14
Märklin 4105/5½ runs Feed Pump and Ventilator.
Märklin 4131/5 performs
Unfortunate maiden voyage: Tucher & Walther Vulcan.
Märklin 4131/5, ca. 1919.
Early REICHELT Stirling - Model TG1
First Run for Tall JOST Stirling Engine ...
Schoenner Steam Engine Model 104/2
Bits & Pieces in Motion
We have been away for a couple of days.
Wilesco D20 & D455 Driving Accessories
Unknown J Falk Lokomobile with 'D' Slide Valve
Chicken Barn Loaner on the Fourth of July
Fleischmann 135/2 drives DOLL windmill with hammers
SP2 Doing the Laundry
Maidstone Enginering - Small Stirling Engine
Short video of my dad's Renown 101 in steam.
Some Böhm Stirlings & accessories with Petri
New Baby Blue Stirling ...
Steamed an Old Friend. Mamod SE3
Steam engine hauling coal
Wilesco D455 & Doll Watermill With Log Saw
"Foggy" the steam tram
Stuart Victoria Build tutorial
My new Doll
Bowman steams!
Rotating Piston engine
Dampfrundum-steam festival Flensburg 2017
Talyllyn Railway
A visit to the Talyllyn Garden Railway.
Cotswold Aquarius trial run
A Brace of SELs
Afternoon in the town square
Early Reichelt Stirling Engine
Ryder Ericcson
KMV & Bing Press
Unknown marine engine on air
Vertical MARKLIN 4106 / 8.5 M
Centenarian - Small BING 8058/2 Under Steam ...
Saw Mill In Steam.
Video test
Bing 10/13/2 - doing some work.
Stuart Turner S50 First run on steam
Driving/Chasing the Mamod Roadster
Doll ups and downs
Potty Overcrank
Jensen #20G, MSM 4" Boiler, Transmission, Péricault Pu
Sieg HAE03 Stirling - another video added
Small Bing cast iron setup.
Small But Feisty Latimer
Wormar Elite With Drip Feed Oiler
Wilesco D22
Disc crank MM1 doing some work
Gas Fired Fowler-Maiden Run
Ironbridge Steam Road Run and Rally Saturday 13th May 2017
Wilesco Fake P/G Fix
Great Central Railway Model Event 2017
20 Million Thanks!
Wilesco D18 - Sun & Planet and Jensen 20
Synergy between Vintage And Modern ...
Bing setup, odd but rare/rareish, accessories.
STEAMCO STC-01 Steam Engine - First Test
New Old Stock Solar Model 3 Flame Licker and Unknown One
Reichelt LH Hot Air Engine
abergavenny steam and vintage rally
Wilesco D20 & Workshop
Wells stationary
Ernst Plank Hot Air model 334 ( small :-) )
Jean Comby twin
Ernst plank hot air engine 336
RMC Solenoid Engine
Wilesco D20
Small Hot Air HOG With LOAD ...
Mamod V twin
CMS mill engine doing some work
Toowoomba model train show
Scarce Bing 6101 Duplex Steam Engine
Petrie steam fair 2017- Day 2.
Steam powered difference engine
Petrie steam fair 2017- Day 1. a few of the activities......
Jensen 25 - new video added
Bing , Becker & Carette
Carette 670/3 Short Video After S.-Glass Restoration.
Well done Winston!
Hollycombe Video II
Hollycombe Steam Fairground
Miniature Brass and Copper Steam Plant
Isle of Wight Steam Railway on a Wet Day.
Tiny ERNST PLANK Steam Engine
Burrell Agricultural Traction Engine
Mamod with 16 cars
Stovetop Steam Engine
CK Matsutoko Model #3
Grand Steam Day Video Final.: JC Unis.
Grand Steam Day Video No.5.: Luton Bowman PW203
Grand Steam Day Video N0.4.: Burnac Vulcan
Mamod SW1
SR1 Tractor driving a Baker Fan
My basic layout (so far)
Grand Steam Day Video No.3 : Bowman M167
Grand Steam Day Video N0.2: "The Doll"
Grand Steam Day Video No. 1: Bowman M122 Runs at Last!
MODEL #1 Stirling Engine ... on STERNOGEL
Wayyyy too much fun
Second Solar #1 Stirling Engine :-)
2 Solar Stirlings , + small Malaysian
Solar 7 and Solar 1 Stirling Engines
PM Research SOLAR-7 - First Run
Cranko upright reproduction steam engine
#1 From SOLAR ENGINES ; Dimmed Second Run (1st eng)
#1 From SOLAR ENGINES ; First Run ( First Engine )
The smoking soldier
Bowman M101
I Steamed My DONKEY Toy Steam Engine, Geneva ...
First Quick Air Test for The Schoenner 104/2
CMS mill engine on breath power
Jensen #85 facelift run
Tiny Bowman Smile Time.
Marklin 4107 with a Dampfmashine(member) made burner....
For the weekend a- Bing Recital
Bing 10/134/3
Another day on Pine Tree Junction.
Accucraft Porter steaming
Arnold & Hess accessoires run.
Marklin 16051 Run
Bing Wheelwrights
Where I was Yesterday.
Ernst Plank hotair engine
Lego creations
My Little Hero ... :-)
Tall BING 10/113/3 Under Steam
Carette Workshop with Marklin 402s
Stirling Se 01 Double Beam Engine
Recent Ebay Flamelicker Comparison and Questions
Dool CO. & Wilhelm Krauss ,Ferris Wheels with Bing steam
Mamod SP1
Brief Run for My GHD Stirling Engine
One old engine, four new accessories.
400th Video Post-Five Engines
Modular Steam Plant Setup
Stuart 9 and Demon Table Saw
‪Wilhelm Krauss ,two comedians slate dancers &
‪Wilhelm Krauss ,two comedians slate dancers &
Wilesco D455 first steam
I found this interesting. Cnc from the 50's era
A quick tour of the home shop in the great white north
Carette water tower and fountain
A attempt at a water scoop ( Jensen 20 )
Typical day on Pine Tree Junction
Restored Weeden 3 Under Steam
D455 Hammers 6 Hess'. A shaky Hand Production.
A J Falk Vertical running a Bing Water Scoop (Baggerwerk)
Drop Forge accessory
Marklin & Krauss Mill
Steamengine "Kate" from Hielscher
Amazing live steam set up exhibit!
Model corn sheller, powered by my vintage 1950s Jensen 70
Winston Runs Away!
A forum first, Mamod SP6, SP7 AND SP8 all running together.
Water steam toys
Easter Sunday Steamfest - enjoy.
My PM Research Peanut Rider Engine
My Bohm Flammenfresser
Ernst Plank Hercules
Cotswold Perseus Steam Plant, Fleischmann Sausage Man
Doll & Donkey
Nice Layout..
bing steam locomotive
Bing Vertical 10/13/2
Winston Breaks Down!
Polish engine with some new bits
Sunday steam up in the sun
Mamod workshop - stirling powered
I Steamed My Small BING MEDIUM ...
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