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Driving/Chasing the Mamod Roadster
Doll ups and downs
Potty Overcrank
Jensen #20G, MSM 4" Boiler, Transmission, Péricault Pu
Sieg HAE03 Stirling
Small Bing cast iron setup.
Small But Feisty Latimer
Wormar Elite With Drip Feed Oiler
Wilesco D22
Disc crank MM1 doing some work
Gas Fired Fowler-Maiden Run
Ironbridge Steam Road Run and Rally Saturday 13th May 2017
Wilesco Fake P/G Fix
Great Central Railway Model Event 2017
20 Million Thanks!
Wilesco D18 - Sun & Planet and Jensen 20
Synergy between Vintage And Modern ...
Bing setup, odd but rare/rareish, accessories.
STEAMCO STC-01 Steam Engine - First Test
New Old Stock Solar Model 3 Flame Licker and Unknown One
Reichelt LH Hot Air Engine
abergavenny steam and vintage rally
Wilesco D20 & Workshop
Wells stationary
Ernst Plank Hot Air model 334 ( small :-) )
Jean Comby twin
Ernst plank hot air engine 336
RMC Solenoid Engine
Wilesco D20
Small Hot Air HOG With LOAD ...
Mamod V twin
CMS mill engine doing some work
Toowoomba model train show
Scarce Bing 6101 Duplex Steam Engine
Petrie steam fair 2017- Day 2.
Steam powered difference engine
Petrie steam fair 2017- Day 1. a few of the activities......
Jensen 25 - new video added
Bing , Becker & Carette
Carette 670/3 Short Video After S.-Glass Restoration.
Well done Winston!
Hollycombe Video II
Hollycombe Steam Fairground
Miniature Brass and Copper Steam Plant
Isle of Wight Steam Railway on a Wet Day.
Tiny ERNST PLANK Steam Engine
Burrell Agricultural Traction Engine
Mamod with 16 cars
Stovetop Steam Engine
CK Matsutoko Model #3
Grand Steam Day Video Final.: JC Unis.
Grand Steam Day Video No.5.: Luton Bowman PW203
Grand Steam Day Video N0.4.: Burnac Vulcan
Mamod SW1
SR1 Tractor driving a Baker Fan
My basic layout (so far)
Grand Steam Day Video No.3 : Bowman M167
Grand Steam Day Video N0.2: "The Doll"
Grand Steam Day Video No. 1: Bowman M122 Runs at Last!
MODEL #1 Stirling Engine ... on STERNOGEL
Wayyyy too much fun
Second Solar #1 Stirling Engine :-)
2 Solar Stirlings , + small Malaysian
Solar 7 and Solar 1 Stirling Engines
PM Research SOLAR-7 - First Run
Cranko upright reproduction steam engine
#1 From SOLAR ENGINES ; Dimmed Second Run (1st eng)
#1 From SOLAR ENGINES ; First Run ( First Engine )
The smoking soldier
Bowman M101
I Steamed My DONKEY Toy Steam Engine, Geneva ...
First Quick Air Test for The Schoenner 104/2
CMS mill engine on breath power
Jensen #85 facelift run
Tiny Bowman Smile Time.
Marklin 4107 with a Dampfmashine(member) made burner....
For the weekend a- Bing Recital
Bing 10/134/3
Another day on Pine Tree Junction.
Accucraft Porter steaming
Arnold & Hess accessoires run.
Marklin 16051 Run
Bing Wheelwrights
Where I was Yesterday.
Ernst Plank hotair engine
Lego creations
My Little Hero ... :-)
Tall BING 10/113/3 Under Steam
Carette Workshop with Marklin 402s
Stirling Se 01 Double Beam Engine
Recent Ebay Flamelicker Comparison and Questions
Dool CO. & Wilhelm Krauss ,Ferris Wheels with Bing steam
Mamod SP1
Brief Run for My GHD Stirling Engine
One old engine, four new accessories.
400th Video Post-Five Engines
Modular Steam Plant Setup
Stuart 9 and Demon Table Saw
‪Wilhelm Krauss ,two comedians slate dancers &
‪Wilhelm Krauss ,two comedians slate dancers &
Wilesco D455 first steam
I found this interesting. Cnc from the 50's era
A quick tour of the home shop in the great white north
Carette water tower and fountain
A attempt at a water scoop ( Jensen 20 )
Typical day on Pine Tree Junction
Restored Weeden 3 Under Steam
D455 Hammers 6 Hess'. A shaky Hand Production.
A J Falk Vertical running a Bing Water Scoop (Baggerwerk)
Drop Forge accessory
Marklin & Krauss Mill
Steamengine "Kate" from Hielscher
Amazing live steam set up exhibit!
Model corn sheller, powered by my vintage 1950s Jensen 70
Winston Runs Away!
A forum first, Mamod SP6, SP7 AND SP8 all running together.
Water steam toys
Easter Sunday Steamfest - enjoy.
My PM Research Peanut Rider Engine
My Bohm Flammenfresser
Ernst Plank Hercules
Cotswold Perseus Steam Plant, Fleischmann Sausage Man
Doll & Donkey
Nice Layout..
bing steam locomotive
Bing Vertical 10/13/2
Winston Breaks Down!
Polish engine with some new bits
Sunday steam up in the sun
Mamod workshop - stirling powered
I Steamed My Small BING MEDIUM ...
Enhanced Mamod TWK1 arrives: a quick video
Short Video about paraffin and beeswax tealights for D2
Checking Two More of The Fleet Ready For Summer!
Jensen #50 steamplant
Logging Whim
SR1 Fun Run.
VR1A - Test run with accessories
Winston in Trouble!
Sunday Funday!
Nice UK Steam Plant Under Steam
Te1a Fun
Another J Falk, this time a 450 with Cast Iron Base
The Pitchy pond is open for buisness
run of my recently bought J Falk steamer
Allchin & Workshop
A Hess trio hammering.
Managed to slow down the manic sawyer.
Big Boys
Winston has arrived on Pine Tree Junction
Saw Shed test
Stuart No. 9, MaccSteam Boiler, and Austin Water Pump
Old Peculiar and Cheeseboard Workshop Test Runs.
Success Run Under Steam For Small Dual Wheel FALK
Wilesco D10 irst production run
Ben's 40 years old electric motor drives my ekt accessoires.
Bing workshop mint condition first operation ever
9 Engine Stirling Run
Small Vertical Compound , First Test ...
Steamco and Erector Set Flag-Waver
Sachsenmeister 4-Cyl-Ships-Engine test run
Careast Overtype.
Hornby Hachette Just Great. Clockwork Delete???
Stuart Sun Engine Under Live Steam
Weeden 14 by lamp light.
Marklin & Wormar Verticals
Stuart Sun Steam Engine
Small ROBINSON Engine ... Running, but NEED HELP !
Steaming Mirko's roller
Kontax Latest Issue ... Please Meet Manson NANO DISC :-)
2017 year if accessories: Slinky maschine
Wilesco D365 SR "ESSO" special
Little flame licker drives flag waver
My last meths goes to Doll.
Little flame licker engine I bought..................
Not Steam - But a little gem none the less.
Empire B-32 Solenoid Engine Restoration Complete (Video)
2017 year if accessories: 2 cylinder pump by Trevstoybox
Old Ironsides...a 110 HP Case TE under steam
Video about Meth-Burner from Brennerschmiede
Bing saws.
Quarter Scale Thompson Engine Finally Up and Running!
Bing 130/280
my 1st steam of my biggest whstle ever!!
Small MASTRAND Roller Strikes Again :-)
Mamod SP2D
My two live-steam -cranes. Made by Bruno in Austria.
A short video about my Ites-steamengine...
Just another Wilesco D202 (electrically heated D20)
Krauss Mini Fairground
Jensen 70G/25 : Jensen-based custom miniplant by Bruce
Mr J. and ... Mr J. !
Mamod MEC1 first steaming
Böhm HB12 Stirling engine review
Maxitrak Case in the Snow
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