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Destination blues steam train trips- Queensland, Australia.
Queensland's (Australia's) "Thomas"
Steam-Launch HORUS
"The Bournemouth Belle"
Steam Tug Tiger on a rainy Sunday...
Vertical Steam Blowing Engine
FLYING SCOTSMAN To Thirlmere Steam Festival(NSW) in 1989
P2 Steam, Darlington
SS Sheildhall cruise
36 inch narrow gage
Steam Tug Tiger in Steam on Sunday at Hamburg (Germany)
Crofton Pumping Station
Doing what it was designed to do
Steamship "St.Georg" at Hamburg
Traction engines working at Beamish
Beamish steam event
Union Pacific Big Boys
Traction engine at Beamish
Spillingwerk Steam-engines (modern steam )
Brazilian company still building steam engines
Steam Tug "Tiger" at Hamburg--some pictures
Steam Railway, Warnemunde Germany.
The windmill powered by traction engine
Swanage Railway 2017
Cry For Help Saint Louis Steam Engine Company
A full sized SR1 :)
Hielscher Steamer on Stanley-Steamer
Sentinel double Fairley?!
The great goodbye!!!
Some full-size Stirling-engines
Steam Tug "Tiger" at Hamburg
Case Threshing Machine
Saved from a watery grave
Just some loco pics
A gift from my lady.
Italian Locomotives Relics
An amazing video
Lombard steam log hauler
Beam engines at Ryhope
St. Louis Steam Engine Co.
Ryhope beamies.
Beam Engine at Tees Cottage Pumping Station
Seriously cool
Team Steam land speed record attempt car.
A nice surprise near Barnard Castle
Ride on my friends Sentinel steam lorry 'Typhoo'
Slip of the riverboat PS Waimarie
Not quite full scale..
smelled some coal and drove a couple blocks where i lived
cab ride on QR's AC16no 221a- 20 August 2016
Loco at Bedale Station
Anyone in Hereford this evening? Steam Special
Queensland Rail's ((4-6-2) 3' 6"guage. with VIDEO!
1908 Merryweather Steam Engine for sale
my Buckeye 3chime/ 2.5" dia on 1900 Marshall T.E
Forncett steam museum "Steam up"
Dairy engine
Tarmac steam wagon to the rescue
Stott Park bobbin mill
Scheldt-land in steam
Dolgoch 150 - Fletcher Jennings Gala - Finale NIGHT
Dolgoch 150 - Fletcher Jennings Gathering - DAY
Looks fun!
Flying Scotsman...... a few pics.
Narrow Gauge Rails in Mid Wales
Steam Boats and Pump in Portland/Oregon
Great Central Railway - Great Day Out!
Lucky steam train ride
Narrow gauge engine Samson
My loco a few weeks ago
Any steam rallies over the next couple of weekends?
Diesel & Steam Action Dunster Station West Somerset Rail
flying scotsman in scotland
Locomotive No. 576, Nashville TN.
Time to raid your piggy banks
Building a G5 Locomotive at Shildon.
Six wheeled sentinal steam wagon and Traction Engine
Leander at Crewe
London Transport and Science Museums
Narrow gauge engine Lilla at Beamish
train somewhere!
Allen steam engine...
Trains and their tooters
Petrie's "Jennifer" from the footplate!
Queensland Railways'(Australia) Beyer Garratt 1009
another Treasure Page
does this have value?
Steam Powered Sawmill
Another steaming Cornishman
Steam gala at KWVR
Wreck of a Gardner engine
Identification Help Who Made It!?
coal firing
Return of Royal Scot
Chapleton Steam Rally
What type of engine is this.
Photos from a couple of steam rallies i attend last year :-)
Where in the world am I?
Northern Mill Engine Society, Bolton.
4 Inch Burrell
Unexpected treat
Stump puller gets shifted at Petrie- 5 December 2015
Historic Rocky Mtn RR
Steam powered workshop, the real deal.
Some loco photos 2015
Worth a look I think!
EM Ford engine room- scrapped now but sailed for over 100 yr
Full size living van.
Pulley repair
Steam driven Ingersoll Rand XPV Air Compressor
Narrow gauge on Swabian Alb Amstetten-Oppingen (pic heavy)
Qld steam & vintage machinery open times. (weekdays and
health and safety comes to steam toy showing at Petrie
some old memories
Llanfair & Welshpool Gala - Day
PS Waverley-2nd time lucky
How to start a steam launch.
Summer Travels...
Boconnoc steam fair, Cornwall
Abandoned project
crashes in the past
BCLM 2015
Petrie's Whistle Manifold today
Steam bike
No 6207 A Study in Steel 1935
Norfolk & Western J Class #611 first fire in 20 yrs
Sentinel DG6P Steam Bus 'Elizabeth' has a new owner
Steam in China
Just bought a (tiny) full-size steam engine!
WW 1 Steamers
A grand old lady of steam - Tattershall Castle
If you go down in the woods today.......
Australia's Puffing Billy, Australia.
Traction Engine & RollerRoof Detail
"Quite Large" Beam Engine.
Steamboat in Tasmania, Australia. early 1990s.....
train to be steaming up Queensland's coastline to celebrate
Shungting at Chasewater Railway
Steam Traction Engine ebook (c. 1903)
the 2 working Marshall TE/roller past their annual
had to laugh today!!!
An A4 and two Black Fives
A10 no6 back on rails after 5 years major overhaul
Neustadt Railway Museum impressions
Neustadt Railway Museum some rolling stock
Neustadt Railway Museum Bavarian Locomotive BB I
Neustadt Railway Museum Bavarian Locomotive D IV "Berg&
Neustadt Railway Museum Bavarian Locomotive "Die Pfalz&
Neustadt Railway Museum Palatian T5 Locomotive
Neustadt Railway Museum Bavarian S3/6 Locomotive
play ground loco rant
Loco Engine Shed Relics
National Railway Museum at Shildon 2005
Engine shed Locos at rest
Lincolnshire Wolds Railway
Isle of Mull Steam Railway
tanfield Railway 2014 Photo montage
old vid of Oliver Cromwell at viaduct
Full size traction engine in Nevada.
flyby view of Rosewood Rail Museum-Australia. on youtube.
Nice fullsize engine on german ebay
LVR last trip to Newcastle
i thought this one was unusual and here in ireland too
All Geared Up
Roller Parts Stollen
Atlantic Rail, Cape Town
LMS Princess Royal Class 6203 Princess Margaret Rose
Ace & Pauly's NYMR Steam Gala weekend visit 28.9.14
The Large Prairies
no one would be interested in ??
full size 5 chime, blows at Petrie today!
Petrie news.
The A4 class Mallard Locomotive
The GER J15 and N7
46233 & 60009
Fairlies and the Festiniog
train going up Toowoomba Range in Queensland, yesterday.
steam bike 1896
Small Collection of American Steam
Evening Star and The 9Fs
Along The Great Eastern Lines
City of Truro at 100
Another Petrie member scored this
Do any other members own a full sized engine?
The Beattie Well, and Adams Tank Locomotives
Stanley Steam Car Parts Auction
a Traction engine race ,held in 1952
The 7F Locomotive
The 264 Tank Locomotives
Petrie's Whistle Manifold, now wearing a 'dress'
3642 at Tamworth (picture heavy)
Lord Granby, a 3 foot gauge loco.
Something a little different.
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