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Stirling Engine - Pictures

Yo, lads! Here are 2 pix of my Stirling engine running - I think the motion is nicely visible. James Maiwald makes and sells these beauties - at a very reasonable price. Hope you like the pix! Sláinte!



Marvellous machine!

I really like that!

Thanks for sharing it Tom!

Wow, that is nice

Now. I really fancy one of these.

Great pics.  

Tom, re the Stirling.

You have a PM.

I'm glad you like the pix, mates!  What I find fascinating is the idea of this thing working on nothing more than hot air. I'm not quite sure how it works, yet - it works! I think you can compare the torque with a small steam engine, like a Wilesco D6.

Tom, you mention the maker - where would one get hold of one of these?

MooseMan wrote:
Tom, you mention the maker - where would one get hold of one of these?
Here we are.
I'm looking through the beauties now.  

Thanks Tom!

Thanks to Tom, I've just emailed him with a view to ordering one.

Beautiful engines.

The second day of the Rail Gala at Amberley, the Ffestiniog Railway stand opposite us had brought a Hog Stirling engine with them. I was mightily impressed and I shall have to get a Stirling engine at some point

That's quite a bit of power, if it's akin to a D6 (I know the D6 isn't much in the world of steam, but my Bohm has nowhere near its power)

I'll have to take a serious look at either his vacuum motor or a twin stirling... (gotta love twins  )

Looks good tom

... I'm also gonna get a vacuum motor!

toxx wrote:
... I'm also gonna get a vacuum motor!
How does a vacum motor operate tom  

... found this on Wikipedia:

These engines are variously called vacuum, flame-licker or flame-gulper engines and work by drawing hot gasses or a flame into a cylinder to be cooled. Admission of the hot flame into the cylinder is controlled by a valve. There is a power stroke every revolution. On the outward stroke of the piston, the valve is open, and the flame is so drawn in to the cylinder. Just before the top of the stroke the valve is closed and the resulting drop in pressure draws back the piston, for the power stroke. One problem to be found running these engines is that of back-pressure at the end of the power stroke. The valve needs to be so constructed that it can lift and release any back-pressure.

Truely a work of art tom , send up some photos when you get it  

a vacuum motor as planned will be my first project whenever i get my machines
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