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Dean W

Weeden 43


After running only the tiny Tripod steam engines for the past week or two, I felt like running one a little larger.
I've shown this one before.  I have a number of "favorite" engines, but this is really up on the list.

These have a small 250 watt cartridge heater that fits inside a tube in the boiler shell.  The heater is about
the diameter of a fine line Sharpie marker, and maybe 3.5" long.  When I got this one, the tube for the heater
was rotted out, but other than that it was complete.  Needed that repair, and refinishing of the base and old
lacquer stripped from the boiler shell.  
The cylinder is made from lead, painted gold.  Amazing how long lasting lead can be in a mechanical environment.

It's a Weeden 43.  Due to some kind of brain malfunction I had said it was a 14.  
They say the memory is the first thing to go!

On a full boiler, and with the rheostat turned down to a low setting, this engine will run for at least
90 minutes.  I timed it on the last run.  Just keeps chugging along.

Weeden 43


Though it maybe a lead cylinder, don't forget that hard lead alloys (Babbitt) have been used for bearings on heavy machinery for a very long time!

Lovely engine and a great runner, I can certainly understand your enjoyment of that one!

Very nice. I have one too and it's also among my favorites. It's very quiet and unassuming. Mine is currently staying at a friend's house in the country, but I'll be visiting it over the holiday season.

Dean, I once had a Weeden 43 like that, but mine didn't quite look like yours!  You have made that look like the day it left the factory, maybe better!  I can see how calming it is to run at just a tick over.

I learned something...didn't know they had an internal heater in a dry tube...something Jensen did back in the '30's.
Dean W

Stoker wrote:
Though it maybe a lead cylinder, don't forget that hard lead alloys (Babbitt) have been used for bearings on heavy machinery for a very long time!

Lots of toy engines use lead cylinders and other parts, but these are soft lead alloys, rather than babbitt.  They
have a very long life, regardless.  The babbitt used in machinery and car engines is mainly tin and copper.

Dean, I'm unaware of any babbitts that use copper in percentages greater than perhaps 8% or so, but you are correct that the lead / tin ratio can run the gamut from nearly all lead to nearly all tin, with a host of trace hardeners like arsenic and antimony thrown in for good measure. Bronze and cast iron shells are often used in conjunction with babbitt bearings for better load and wear characteristics in heaver load applications.

While Weeden cylinders may not be a true babbitt alloy, they probably are not pure lead either, and thus are likely a bit harder and tougher than if they were.

Whatever the case, they do seem to work well, in order to bring us enjoyment.

That looks brill
Dean W

Daniel, the babbitts we used to use for ball mill bearings and old machinery engines was 90% tin and the rest
copper and antimony.  There was no lead in it.  The only babbitt we used that had lead was for slow rpm shafting,
like jackshafts and pulley arbor pillows.  That was about 70% lead with the balance tin, and maybe 3-4% antimony.
That lead type was only used on straight line shaft load, never a side load as you would have from a piston con rod, which
would pound the puddin' out of it.

The cylinders on both my Weedens are quite soft lead.  I doubt it has more than 2% each antimony and tin.  You can make a
mark in it with your fingernail.  Like soft-cast bullets.
Maybe Frank would know the alloy they used.  Would be interesting to know if they used some old Lyman formula.

Lovely engine and a great runner.

You've done a marvelous job there Dean.
Swift Fox

That is in really nice condition Dean and a lovely runner on tickover and higher speed, i can see how that engine is one of your favourites.
Celsius 100

In great condition and a very fine runner.

A very enjoyable video, thanks for sharing it with us.  

A very good runner indeed.

Most impressed!

A real pretty little thing and a real good goer when you let her rip .  

Very fine engine indeed!  Nice to hear how fond you are of it.

Lovely engine Dean.
Looks very solid and I can see it is very quiet also.
Good combination in a steam engine.

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