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Wilesco Traction Engine Project
Dr. Rog wrote:
John Besley wrote:

Set up the rear axle and drilled and tapped an 8BA hole in the axle with a corresponding clearance hole in the rear wheel to pin these two in place, turned up a locking collar to go inside the firebox with a sleeve on the other side to act as a spacer.  

Oh the wheel to the axle  

....why drive the axle ?

OK, due to the way I have set up the gear shift by sliding the final drive gear, I had to find a way to keep the drive wheel in place, by fixing this to the axle it allowed the final drive to slide into and out of gear freely, bearing in mind that the axle is now thicker to compensate for the Mamod wheels there wasn't the clearance for a sleeve to slide without fouling the intermediate gear teeth so had to turn up a bush to act as a stop for the firebox side

So with a locking collar in the firebox and a spacer on the offside (right) then the set up stays correctly spaced. - the drive wheel is fixed to the axle, the axle spacing is set with the collar and spacer allowing the offside wheel to turn freely...
Wilesco Traction Engine Project
 Full respect to your dedication to improvement,    
Wilesco Traction Engine Project
Jon Cameron wrote:
That looks a lot wider wheelbase than standard, wow much wider is it??

the picture is a bit deceptive... the spacing is like YER TIZ at 25mm which allows for the flywheel to pass between the gears and the rear wheel, this also allows for the footplate steps an balances the set up, in real life this equates to 13-1/4" or there about in 7/8ths scale..

Once I have fine tuned the intermediate drive gear and the final drive I hope to reduce this down to some 22mm...

I did at one stage consider building a new firebox and gear train like Yer Tiz... but would have ended up with a lot of work to do, want to get stuck into the steam wagon ASAP and complete this one first (well between other workshop jobs)

The idea was to reuse as much of the original as possible but with a better footplate / bunker and other details
Wilesco Traction Engine Project
I regard that as a weak spot. Never quite felt comfortable about the gearing. That said mine has worked reliably for 40 years but it doesn't feel reliable
Wilesco Traction Engine Project
MrDuck wrote:
I regard that as a weak spot. Never quite felt comfortable about the gearing. That said mine has worked reliably for 40 years but it doesn't feel reliable

Which is why I am trying to find a way to improve the original as simply as possible
Wilesco Traction Engine Project
I am finding this rebuild very interesting.
Wilesco Traction Engine Project
During the past week sprayed the inside faces with BBQ heat proof black and the outside faces with British Racing Green then ordered bolts from EKP Supplies, and now the 8BA bolts with 9BA heads are here assembled the bunker with a mix of 10BA and the 8BA for the back section.

Wilesco Traction Engine Project
That's looking good.  
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