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m 101 bowman help
Can anyone help with  dimension's for the burner to fit the above
m 101 bowman help
Tank 75mm diameter x 31mm high.

Wick holder 9mm diam x 110mm long with slot 3mm x 90mm.

Can't guarantee the wick holder is absolutely correct because it has been replaced. It works well, though.
m 101 bowman help
Thanks Roly  now for the hard part making one
m 101 bowman help
Good luck
m 101 bowman help
Here  you are Roly  one test piece not the correct size as I  had nothing available at the moment to make right size  formers

m 101 bowman help
Regardless as to whether or not it is the right size, that's a very nice, Bomanesque looking burner you have made!
m 101 bowman help
Looks good. In fact it looks very much like the M122 burner
m 101 bowman help
Roly Williams wrote:
Looks good. In fact it looks very much like the M122 burner

You have made my day that is what this one is going to be used on  
m 101 bowman help
Very nice
m 101 bowman help
Nicely done Tony looks very smart
m 101 bowman help
boxman wrote:
Here  you are Roly  one test piece not the correct size as I had nothing available at the moment to make right size formers

Very nice indeed, I can't wait to see it's bigger brother soon.  
m 101 bowman help
I now have reasonable burners for both my M101 and M122 I found the method for making them in the steam reference library article by Steve_S

M101 Bowman
Hi Tony a very nice job on the burner looks awesome.
m 101 bowman help
They look great - quality craftsmanship.

Cheers Lee
m 101 bowman help
You have done a great job on those burners.  They look very well made.
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