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The Lathe, Mill & General Tool Talk Thread
saw this book on charity stand at the local supermarket. what the hell 50 pence.

maybe some good tips inside have to wait and see.

The Lathe, Mill & General Tool Talk Thread
WOW went to Tesco this morning and missed this one    
The Lathe, Mill & General Tool Talk Thread
MrMamod wrote:
WOW went to Tesco this morning and missed this one    

Second hand charity book stall Phil pick your book and make a small donation. i only saw it because June has to stop and browse every time we go.
The Lathe, Mill & General Tool Talk Thread
If the cover is any indication, then it should have nice clear illustrations to help inform the reader. I'm told that information imparted by illustrations is far easier to access and retain for complex concepts, than is the written or spoken word.

Looks like the O'Brien brothers (or father & son, or ?) may have a real winner there!

Good score David!!!
The Lathe, Mill & General Tool Talk Thread
I have the above book in a pdf file, if anyone wants it just PM me your email address and I will send you a copy.
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