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Non running TE1
Hi folks,
I have restored a TE1A, my first traction engine restoration, but it won't run.
I have changed the piston and cylinder but even free running (without the back wheel connected) it won't turn the flywheel. Any ideas, I'm stuck? It does steam up enough to lift the safety valve so it shouldn't be lack of pressure, I think.
All advice appreciated as I am restoring another TE1A and don't want to have the same problem!
Non running TE1
Sounds like you might have a blocked pipe somewhere.
Non running TE1
possibly no steam into the cylinder. Disconnect the piston is there steam coming out of the inlet port on the engine frame?

If so is the port on the cylinder lining up with  the ports on the engine frame?
Non running TE1
I'd go with a blocked pipe, check as above and let us know how you get on?

Non running TE1
Has the piston been put back in the wrong way round as in it was turned wrong when inserted back into the barrel or a small piece of something in the cylinder when it was rebuilt.
Non running TE1
I'm wondering if the restoration included some resoldering of pipes?  If not by you, do you know the history of the engine?
Food for thought folks. Will check for blocked pipes with the cylinder off. You mentioned putting the cylinder back the wrong way, I presume that means the flywheel position ie. whether the cranckshaft is fitted when it is up or down? Will try that too. Thanks for all your advice,
Non running TE1
Col I should of explained it better    what I meant if you have taken it all apart and pulled the piston out of the cylinder then the pistons needs to go back in the cylinder the same way you took it out as in do NOT spin the piston 90 degree's and insert it back into the cylinder as this will alter the wear pattern the piston and cylinder have made running over the years    
Have rotated the crank 180 degrees as advised and the flywheel will now rotate about 10 revs in reverse but none in forward. I'm pretty sure that steam is getting to the cylinder but will look for a blockage next as you suggested.
Thanks for all you advice folks, appreciate it!!
Non running TE1
Looking at a post on here, how do I check if the ports are lining up as that seems the most likely cause of my woes, as far as I can tell.
Non running TE1
What oil are you using?
Non running TE1
I had that issue and clearing the surfaces of cylinder port side got it running

Mind I couldn't feel any unevenness with my fingers but it was obviously there.
Will try a bit of wet and dry on the mating faces as suggested. Will also try polishing the piston to see if that helps.
Thanks for all your advice folks,
Appreciate it!
Non running TE1
Col if you get stuck and it wont run send me a PM and I will see if I can sort something for you.
Re: TE1A
Col916 wrote:
Will try a bit of wet and dry on the mating faces as suggested. Will also try polishing the piston to see if that helps.
Thanks for all your advice folks,
Appreciate it!

Use a precision flat surface to support it for the port faces, a bit of float glass will do, otherwise it will be bent and be even worse.

the piston is best spun in a polishing rag using your fingers.  
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