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Charity Shop Purchase.
Gotta remember the PTFE string trick....
Charity Shop Purchase.

Summers over!  South Wales is back to where it often is; overcast, windy with light rain, at least the shed is back to a comfortable 20C.

Today the connecting rods big end was finished, it is more or less the same as the small end of the crank shaft connecting rod but a little shorter.  It was finished in the same way by milling followed by sawing and filing to buttons and some oil pots were fitted.

A couple of thin lock nuts with 1/4"x 40 threads are required to lock the big and small ends of the connecting rod in place.  As I had no suitable hexagonal steel in stock a couple of 2 BA steel nuts were used.  A piece of 2 BA thread held in the tail stock was used to position the nut in the 3 jaw chuck.  When secured the nut was drilled to the tapping size, then it was tapped using a tap secured in the tail stock, when complete the nut was left on the tap which allowed the nut to be positioned so it could be thinned down.  With the tap removed the nut was faced to size.

Regards Tony.
Charity Shop Purchase.
Excellent as always Tony.  
Charity Shop Purchase.

The project hasn't stalled yet!  I have been busy with other things. I did do a bit on the connection between the piston rod and the beam. This probably won't be used but will allow measurements to be made.

I will possibly get some more done later in the week.

Regards Tony.
Charity Shop Purchase.
Tony seeing as your time is limited on projects like this it still surprises me how much you manage to get done in such a short time  
Charity Shop Purchase.

With the wonderful weather we have had today in Old South Wales I couldn't do what I intended to do, so I spent some time in the shed playing.
The piston rod is now connected to the beam and even goes up and down! I hope the photographs show how this was achieved, any questions please ask.

A slot was milled.

A shellac chuck was used to thin down some brass

Coupling rod finished.

End of play.

I still haven't decided on what valve gear will be used yet and as the next couple of weeks will be taken up exhibiting and going to exhibitions it seems like a good time to leave the engine for a bit. To that end the cylinder is temporally secured using its lower gland nut, as the orientation of the cylinder will be decide by the valve gear.

Regards Tony.
Charity Shop Purchase.
Great work Tony.  
Charity Shop Purchase.
John Besley wrote:
Great work Tony.

It certainly is.  
Charity Shop Purchase.

I had intended to finish working on the model for a bit.  However sat sitting looking at the model I thought the small end of the connecting rod looked a bit big/heavy. It had been made the same size as the square on the bottom of the big end.

So I decided to thin it down a bit, in fact 1.5 mm (1/16") either side.

Back on the model.

Well I think it looks better.  Now I have really finished for a bit though this morning  I had to take our camper van over the mountain to Caerphilly for repair, while waiting and having a walk around the town looking in the charity shops for model elephants (don't ask) I found a pair of brass candle sticks that look as if they might become part of the valve gear.  They cost 2, so that's the end of my allowance for the week.

Regards Tony.

Charity Shop Purchase.

I have made a short video of work to date.

For some reason I cannot embed the video, it won't let me.

Regards Tony.
Charity Shop Purchase.
I wish we had these "charity shops" around where i live!  Even if i could find such items, i think many of us lack the skills and imagination to turn such items into working art. But i still learn new skills and methods of machining everytime i follow one of your threads. Thanks so much for posting these builds for us.
Charity Shop Purchase.
Well I think we got to name Tony the Charity man    as I went into a charity shop here on Holiday today and found a nice straight candle stick BUT at 39.99 just for one   NO THANKS  
Charity Shop Purchase.
That is looking great.  You have a knack of getting bargain brassware.
Charity Shop Purchase.

I decided it was time to do a little more on the beam engine so I made a start today.  Nothing has come up that I could make an eccentric from to operate the valve gear so I had to resort to steel stock to make it.

I did find a short length of large hexagonal brass to make the eccentirc sheaf from.

After sawing off a piece it was drilled and bored to take the eccentric made.

This created rather a lot of swarf.

As already mentioned I had spent my whole weekly allowance of 2 on a pair of brass candlesticks, one of which was used for the eccentric rod.

The stem of the candle stick was machined to fit the eccentric sheaf.

The result when attached to the sheaf.

It is now crunch time I have to design some sort of valve gear and I have a maximum of a 20 mm (big 3/4") throw to play with.

So I will have to find a pencil and do some sums after I decide which type of valve gear to use.

Regards Tony.
Charity Shop Purchase.

The eccentric now has an oil pot and has been fitted to the crankshaft, it has a 16 mm throw.

It will be on hold for a bit as other projects need work; I am also looking for inspiration for what to make a valve chest from.

Regards Tony.
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