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Metal in your eye
Anybody here ever had metal in their eye?

I have had some in for three days now, got worse - incredibly annoying and painful. I was gassing/welding/grinding at work the other day and wore correct eye protection in all cases - but a piece of metal has managed to get in somehow.

I had to bite the bullet and go to the local A&E dept this morning when I couldn't open my eye and when I did it was stupidly bloodshot. I am absolutely petrified of needles, and it turned out I had to have it taken out with the tip of a needle    Help Not good, but shows even with PPE stuff still happens. Don't take your eyes for granted!
Metal in your eye
been there done that. i burnt both eyes arc welding, because i didnt use the right equiptment.

namely i tossed the visor away because i couldn't see what i was doing i spent a week in utter agony, never did it again.
Metal in your eye
Many years ago I got a smut in my eye that scratched the eye ball, absolute agony

you have my sympathy
Metal in your eye
If it's metal you need to immediately go get it removed as it can eff up your cornea with permanent sight loss as result.
Metal in your eye
Several times over the years, last time it was a sliver of metal stuck in the eye.
Had to go too the eye doctor and he pulled it out, it`s amazing how upset ones brain gets when someone is poking at your eye.  
Metal in your eye
I own three pair of safety glasses, always within reach in the attic and in the shed, but still I "forget" to put them on for a quick job... I know, I'm an idiot.  
Metal in your eye
Been there, done that, a couple of times - worst part is holding still while the ophthalmologist goes in with his probe to remove it......get real nervous!  
Metal in your eye
I managed to snag some fine wire wool with my drill - went into my face. No damage to my eyesight although I did end up with a small scar on my left eyeball.
Metal in your eye
Never had metal but I've had smuts, bits of wood and various other bits over the years. When I was younger, my Mum was always handy for such things. She had been a nurse at the local eye infirmary and knew what she could deal with and what needed a visit to hospital (that never happened, luckily).

Apparently, she said they had huge magnets for pulling out bits of ferrous metals - if it would not do further damage!
Metal in your eye
Several times, over my early working years. Despite wearing spectacles.
Usually, my left eye. (Nearest the chuck).....

"Just keep still. This is a needle"......

I still have a small, skinned over, piece, in my right eye. No problem, after some 50 years.  
Metal in your eye
I had glass in my eye last summer. I was trying to be a nice guy and rip off a dangling headlight from I car I was towing. I didn't want it to fall off on the highway and hurt someone... I ended up with two pieces in my cornea. I had to drive 40 miles to drop off the four cars I had on board, then another 30 to my doctor who then sent me to an eye doctor who then sent me to the hospital (another 30 miles of driving).
It was the worst experience I've had and my right eye has never been the same since.
I hope everything is well with your eye, James.
Metal in your eye
Hope everything is better now, eye stuff is the thing I dread most, anything else im cool with. The post by Wulfrun id actually true, hospitals do (or at least did use to) have huge electro-magnetic devices for removing ferrous bits from eyes, ive seen it in our local hospital. Unfortunately it was well used here, our town was until a few years back the home of Ransome, Hoffman, and Pollard, the big employer in the town and as many will be aware RHP were the major manufacturers of Hoffman ball bearings, this big factory along with those of Marconi, and EEV justified having such a magnetic device in the local NHS out-patients dept. No health and Safety at work, just a frequently used magnet in the hospital for the workers!
Stay safe.
Metal in your eye
My dads a right pain for getting things in his eyes so now has safety goggles rather than glasses so that nothing can get in the sides.
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