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Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
It's time for a belated introduction.

The first train set was given to me by my parents when I was 8. My younger brother also received an identical Hornby train set. They were red clockwork tinplate trains. The tender was numbered 3435 & the Pullman cars were Marjorie & Aurelia. A couple of days ago, I saw an example of that train set on Ebay for £120. I was not tempted.

In my early teens, my brother & I built a Triang "OO" gauge layout together. It was packed away until my eldest son was 5 & it was operated for a further 5 years, to be replaced in the garden by the Hornby G100 Rocket  that I bought for him, when he was born in 1982. The Rocket saw sporadic use for 2 years, but ended up on a dusty display shelf in his bedroom.

About a month ago, I saw a couple of good deals for Rocket track & on impulse I bid on them.  Which meant I had to resuscitate the Rocket! It was then that I was drawn to seek advice from Roly Williams at this forum. He was most helpful & I expect to have it running well directly. You may well ask why it's not running yet? I could not resist a lame duck; an SL1 with only one cylinder.

Whilst I was waiting for the bidding to run its course, I investigated the matter of its revival. I contacted Roy Wood Models & ordered upgraded "O" ring pistons & cylinders, a needle valve regulator, a displacement lubricator, a 40 psi safety valve & a water top up valve.
Roy was ever helpful with his advice & he (by telephone) & I put Loco No.1 of the newly incorporated Chiltern Heights Railway, together again. A last minute decision (this afternoon) saw me order a gas firing system from Forest Classics. In for a penny, in for a pound.  

I have also amassed 30 metres of Hornby tinplate track for a circuit around the garden. The track will sit on the sleepers used for raised flower beds. I have constructed 4 Warren Truss bridges using lolly sticks & hot glue. The longest is  a 7 feet long single span & no; there is no discernible deflection. NB. Always use gloves when using hot glue. It strips skin. Learn from my error.

The Chiltern Heights Railway has a purpose. It will carry cans of cold beer & BBQ'd comestibles from the house to the summerhouse. Having just typed that, it will probably rain every weekend until November.   At some stage, I'll post pictures, but I am also trying to revitalise the the Triang collection. Never a dull moment.
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Hi and    to the forum, looking forward to the pics,  
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Sounds interesting. Welcome to the forum.
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Hi, and welcome from the Netherlands.
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Welcome from SoCal. ‘Hornby train set’ …… that brings back memories.

Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Hello and   from Illinois!
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Hello and a big welcome to the Forum
I hope your stay will be long and interesting
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Hello and a big welcome to the forum from the South Coast of New South Wales Australia. I hope you enjoy your time on the forum

Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Sounds like a rekindle and I hope it all goes well and smoothly
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

The project sounds interesting, though be wary about tin plate track in the garden, it tends to rust quite efficiently. But I look forward to seeing what you create
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
A belated welcome to this fine forum! I will look forward to reading and seeing more of your garden railway exploits when you are able to post some more about them.

Happy Steaming!!
Hello from the heights of High Wycombe.
a big welcome from north east uk
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