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Let\'s See Your Gardens!
I like gardens

If I see the viper living in one of the sheds, I'll take a pic
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
A few shots of mine, taken today:




Some would be Bonsai trees:


I do a fair few container plantings:



It's not a big garden but it does keep me fairly busy!

Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Thanks Jim I think here in the UK we call them small BUT unique    
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Picked about 5 gallons of green beans the other night. This was one row and I have 4 more to go...


Jolly Green Giant with his crops


Sealed and in the freezer for winter

Re: Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Nick wrote:
Anything Goes! Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, or even just a nice lawn if you have it!
If you took the time to grow it, and take care of it, let us see it!

Unfortunately our growing season is very limited. I don't plant till after the 15th of May as I worry about the frost, but my leaf lettuce was finally ready for a meal tonight. It should start growing a lot bigger very soon.

How about these that I've grown, and take care of?

Started like this.....

And they strength and numbers

Ps 15th may that's my eldest birthday  
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Dave, that is a female garden so I take it you only dig there

That's a good harvest, Nick. Should last you to spring

The weeds or the fruit, Jon
Just kidding, I know which
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Heres mine, spot the long since closed garden railway  

the bottom bit is undergoing a revamp now the chicken run has gone, and all being well a bonfire in the drum tonight on the patio - not under the trees...
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
That Beaching man got everywhere Any chance of a revival?
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Well at least the narrow gauge railway looks like the real thing, overgrown and abandoned. Nothing that can't be fixed fortunately.
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Roly Williams wrote:
That Beaching man got everywhere Any chance of a revival?

Sadly not now its too far gone... last used in July 2013

The line closed in May 1963, we went down to see what was still there one Saturday Dad drove his works car the Morris Minor and to our surprise we found the sole surviving engine in steam shunting a train ready to lift the rest of the track...

The crew kindly pulled out the boxcab and the tram engine into the sunshine time however was not on our side so Dad grabbed some pictures with his Voklander (Vito B) and we departed leaving the engine simmering in the yard.

Later found out that some three weeks later the scrap crew turned up and cut up all the remaining stock in the yard and torched the shed...

Let\'s See Your Gardens!
What a wonderful little railway! Shame it's all gone
Let\'s See Your Gardens!
Can`t call it a garden but have picked a few tomato`s

Let\'s See Your Gardens!

This is not a recent pic, winter and a few frosts have made this scene a little browner, but hopefully back to this in the spring.
This is the back of the house facing North, window on the far left is the workshop.
Cheers Trev.
Let\'s See Your Gardens!

Let\'s See Your Gardens!
A visitor to the yard.......  

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