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Cotswold Perseus Steam Plant, Fleischmann Sausage Man
Happy birthday The_EnderPixel.
Going at it headfirst - purchased my first live steamer!
Give Away... August Danielson (ADE) Reversing Steam Engine !
Happy birthday Chris Lucas
Marklin & Krauss Mill
Steam boilers.....again
coal fired Mamod
Lorry Load
Flying Scotsman...... a few pics.
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Had some lookers today
Had some people look at our property today that seem pretty interested.
May be on the road soon looking for the town of perfect so things may shut down with us suddenly.  
Hired a steam tractor Operator
Hired my first steam tractor operator.

Back From Vietnam
It`s no wonder our boys brought so many back with them, ladies in every way.
Good to see ya back pard and your enjoying life too the max.  
now that is an steamengine
Marshall tractor major project - Scrapheap restoration
I bought a new Marhshall off my friend a month or so ago.

It was sat on a trailer of scrap when we went to look at it and it is in need of a total restoration. Everything is seized solid. Piston is seized, crank is seized, gearbox is seized, clutch is seized...

We have taken two of the keys out of the crankshaft, the two which hold the flywheel on. Sadly, the key which holds the clutch on has snapped and we have had to drill it out. Clutch still isn't off.

It was made in Gainsborough i ...
Electric, Steam & Clockwork Show and Tell
There's the trademark, it is also on the tender.  Yes, I think these engines must be quite rare, it is the first I have seen. The person I obtained it from on Thursday bought it in Germany about fifty years ago.


Modular Steam Plant Setup
Super nice modular set-up!

I have always done my steaming with modular variables as I've never actually built a dedicated steam plant, so your approach obviously appeals to me a lot!!

However, though I've always used the modular approach, I've never put in the effort to dress it up with beautiful plinths and nicely done lagging, so this set-up you have shared with us is orders of magnitude beyond the poor hodge-podge that results from my meager efforts!!!

Nicely done Jim ... very nicely ...
Philcraft Beam Engine
Les wrote:
That is nice Pete, maybe Phill Gravitt could supply you with the missing bits, or knowing you you probably have started to make them yourself.

Hi Les,

Luckily, Phil got in touch before I had chance to turn any brass

Solar panels
Hydro is great! It's not an intermittent source and the output can be verified to meet demand changes. I used to think that nuclear power was great but my view has changed after all of the accidents. The accident in Japan is an ongoing disaster of biblical proportions. The Pacific Ocean is dying and ther is no end in sight to the massive radiation releases. If one of the spent fuel pools collapses which is possible in another earthquake it will be an unimaginable disaster. From what I have read ...
Nut and bolt SR1
Hi guys, does the nut and bolt sr1 have any more collectibility than a riveted one of the same era? Also is there a price difference for said roller? I have a standard type and want to know wether it's worth looking for a nut and bolt or not
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Order placed,, but for what, it weigh 50 kilos...
Big bargain
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Engine identification, help wanted!
A very exiting purchase I made yesterday

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